[Tutorial] Jenkins Integration with Git

Learning Git & Jenkins

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Want to learn Docker?

Want to learn Jenkins?

Want to learn Git?

Want to learn Continuous Integration?

Want to learn all of them without actually messing up with your system! ??

Well, then you are at the right place & probably at the right time!

I have created a Hands-on Lab Tutorial for you.

You can access it on below link:

Hands-on Tutorial - Jenkins Integration with GIT for CI

This tutorial will guide you through:

  1. Jenkins Installation on Docker
  2. Jenkins Configuration
  3. Git Basics
  4. Git Commands
  5. CI using Jenkins-Git

  Here’s a screenshot of the tutorial:


You can also try any other Docker commands, Git Commands, Jenkins Jobs in the Lab Environment.

Share it with others and let me know your suggestions, comments in the comment box below.